June 1, 2011 in Daily Links by Josh Ward

Wednesday Guest Lineup:
12:25 Brent Dougherty (in Destin) from 104.5 The Zone in Nashville
2:05 Tom Ziller from SBNation.com talks NBA finals

Jason Whitlock writes a column telling us the NCAA is flawed. Thank you, we didn’t know. (Fox Sports)

This writer also believes Jim Tressel is the NCAA’s symptom, not a disease. (Deadspin)

Terrelle Pryor has been driving around on a suspended license. Smart. (CollegeFootballTalk)

Derek Dooley wants to see increased football staffs in college football. (GoVolsXtra)

Here’s a look at the SEC’s oversigning issue – a big topic this week in Destin, Fla. (CBS Sports)

The SEC might have to play by the same rules as others? Big whoop, writes John Pennington. (MrSEC)

The Heat showed its power with a Game 1 win over Dallas last night. (Sports Illustrated)

Dirk Nowitzki tore a tendon in his finger, but it’s on his non-shooting hand. (CBS Sports)

The Colts president has “little to no worry” about Peyton Manning’s recent neck surgery. (ProFootballTalk)

More information regarding NCAA president Mark Emmert and pay-for-play talk. (Dr. Saturday)

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