December 3, 2010 in Daily Links by Josh Ward

Will West is out with some very deserved vacation. We will still have a busy three hours as we get ready for the championship weekend in college football.

Friday Guest Lineup:
12:45 Clay Travis from and 104.5 The Zone in Nashville
1:45 Will Shelton from

This story says it’s time for Pat Summitt to catch up with time in the forgotten UConn series. (Deadspin)

NCAA president Mark Emmert recognizes people are outraged with the Cam Newton decision. (NCAA)

Clay Travis explains why the NCAA messed up with its decision to not punish Newton. (FanHouse)

There are two sides: Tony Barnhart believes the NCAA got it right by not punishing him. (AJC)

In football, Barnhart picks Auburn to beat South Carolina in an “instant classic” on Saturday. (AJC)

Sad news: Reports say Chicago Cub great Ron Santo has passed away after battling diabetes. (ESPN)

Southern Cal AD Pat Haden weighed in on the Cam Newton situation. Thanks, Pat. (MrSEC)

LeBron James’ team whipped Cleveland last night. Will he miss Cleveland one day? (Sports Illustrated)

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